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Welcome to Leadership Commonwealth School

Leadership Commonwealth School is a once-a-week school for home schooling families in the Roanoke Virginia area. We come together as families to support one another in the pursuit of building strong and moral families and developing citizens who are capable of governing themselves. We support the families involved in the pursuit of the God-centered, family-driven, freedom-based education called Leadership Education. This set of principles is outlined in the book A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. 

Who can join?

Families are welcome to join even if you are not yet certain that Leadership Education will be your homeschooling method of choice, with the understanding that these principles will be followed in the school. We believe in natural phases of development and invite our children to become life-long learners through great parenting, inspired mentoring, and by example.

For more information on any of our events, or for questions about LCS, email us at [email protected].

Learn By Doing

We offer challenging LEMI Scholar Projects for teens as well as a relaxed Junior Program for ages 0-11 that focuses on teaching basic skills of Self-Government and Communication, and the Joy of Life, Learning and the Classics.

We also incorporate Charlotte Mason methods, as they fit right in with TJEd.

A weekly mom’s class, Family Foundations is offered for Parents who join us.

Leadership Commonwealth School Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise and become joyful leaders who love learning, passionately pursue our God-given missions in life,  and impact the family for good.

We strive to inspire students (both parents and children) to deeply study the classics, govern themselves according to Natural Law, and initiate solutions based on the principles of freedom and self-control.

We believe that the purpose of education is to develop within ourselves the Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge that bring us closer to fulfilling our God-given missions.

Our goal is to seek and apply truth as individuals and as families, and to contribute in unique ways to building a society rich in morality, beauty, virtue, and all that is praiseworthy.

We face the challenges of life together, with determination and love, rising from the ashes as the Phoenix, and allowing true principles to lead to transformation.



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A Word

From Our Founder

“Leadership Education is the method of homeschooling that has resonated deeply with me, and has already provided many priceless memories and transformational experiences for my family and for me personally. I hope you find similar inspiration at Leadership Commonwealth School.”

– Tiffany Campbell


Upcoming Events


Classes meet every Thursday from 9:15am-3:00pm, Sept 5 – Nov 21 and Jan. 9 - April 30.

Email us directly for the location. 

4th Friday

MDM Academy for Parents

6:00 PM - 8:00PM

Offered the 4th Friday of the month.

Email us directly for the location.

1 & 2

MAY 2020

Shakespeare Performance!

More details TBA.


Starting in September: Class every Thursday 9:15 am to 3:00 pm

(Junior Program ends at 1:00 pm)

Interested families are welcome to come visit us any Thursday, or join us for summer play dates and field trips to meet our families.

Please let us know you are coming.

For more information on any of the above events, or for questions about LCS, please email us.

Inclement Weather Policy: If Salem, Roanoke City, or Roanoke County schools are closed, then we close.

Leadership Education

What is a Commonwealth School?

Commonwealth Schools often look like homeschooling co-ops, but they are a more refined private once-a-week school for home educating families that are volunteer based and focused completely on supporting families and great education. They are not-for-profit organizations.

An Inclusive Community

Leadership Commonwealth School welcomes all families that love learning, desire to passionately pursue their God-given missions in life, and want to impact the human family for good.

Learn more about our philosophy.

Behavior Standards

We desire to create a positive, safe environment with a close knit “tribal” community of happy, trusted, compassionate, forgiving friends.

Learn more about our behavior standards.

Volunteer Based

All parents are required to be on campus each week with their children. All parents are expected to contribute to our community in some way – whether by teaching a class, assisting a teacher, or helping with administrative responsibilities or in some other way. The mentors who teach our Scholar Projects have been trained by Leadership Education Mentoring Institute and are licensed to teach their projects. Junior mentor moms, as well as Youth co-mentors will receive additional training through our parent meetings to assist them in preparing for their classes. Other opportunities to serve include event coordinators, field trips, secretary, treasurer, and other roles in the Executive Board.


Our freedom-based approach means we do not force the children to participate or to get a great education, but effectively encourage and inspire them to take ownership of their own education and work hard to obtain it, of their own free will and choice. The students’ interests and Phase of Learning are honored, as well as their freedom to choose in.

Visit Before You Commit

You are welcome to visit before committing. Please email us to discuss your needs. We are happy to have families visit for up to 3 weeks before committing for the whole semester. If you plan to do this during the first two weeks of the Fall, we do ask that you make an effort to attend Orientation as well.