About Leadership Commonwealth School

We desire to create a positive, safe environment with a close knit “tribal” community of happy, trusted, compassionate, forgiving friends.

Thank you for your interest in Leadership Commonwealth School! A Commonwealth School is a once a week ‘school,’ similar to a co-op. Our School is a natural extension of the family and includes all ages. As families, we unite behind the LCS Proclamation and Creed.

​​At LCS, everyone joyfully shares in mentoring and contributes to the best of their ability. We open our school day altogether with a group Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Patriotic Song, and LCS Mission Statement. We meet on Thursdays, September to May with breaks. The school is supplemental to what you are doing in your home school already, with several activities which are able to replace portions of your home school curriculum as families may choose.

Classes for “Juniors” (ages 0-11) vary based on needs and may include Montessori, Charlotte Mason and Waldorf Style methods, all of which fall in line with Leadership Education. We help children enjoy the Classics through read-alouds and activities, teach them the principles of self-government and freedom, and inspire them to learn more at home by finding answers to their own questions. Children do have the opportunity to do weekly presentations as they choose. Moms with Junior age children have the option of leaving after lunch if they so desire.

​​We mentor “scholars” (age 12+) in the principles of Leadership Education and how to apply them in their own lives. This set of principles is outlined in the book A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille, and explained for teens in TJEd for Teens. We open each class with an uplifting Devotional that is often student-led. Our parent mentors are trained by LEMI (Leadership Education Mentoring Institute) to teach Scholar Projects that incorporate many subjects as well as build character. Our mentors work with parents to customize assignments and content to the needs of the student when necessary. These projects do have the potential to count for several high school credits. Students age 12+ may spend 10-15 hours per week at home for these classes.

Junior Classes (ages 0 – 11)

Scholar Projects (ages 12+)

Adult Classes

Benefits of joining Leadership Commonwealth School include:

  • Developing deep and meaningful friendships with like-minded families
  • Gaining a sense of community stewardship and belonging
  • Youth, children and parents who uphold high moral standards
  • Youth, children and parents who are inspired to gain a great education through excellent mentoring, uplifting peers and quality Scholar Projects
  • Increased opportunities to serve and be served
  • Sovereignty and governance over our family’s education
  • The inspiration and support you need as you take responsibility for your own growth and education spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, as well as that of your family.
  • Exposure for your children to talents and enthusiasm for learning in areas that you have not been able to offer them yourself.

Please contact us with any questions you may have at [email protected].

We look forward to learning with you!

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To find out more about the Thomas Jefferson Education model, Commonwealth Schools, and LEMI Liber Communities, please visit our FAQ page.