Frequently Asked Questions

Are parents required to teach?

All parents are required to be on campus each week with their children. All parents are expected to contribute to our community in some way – whether by teaching a class, assisting a teacher, or helping with administrative responsibilities or in some other way. The mentors who teach our Scholar Projects have been trained by Leadership Education Mentoring Instituted and are licensed to teach their projects. Junior mentor moms, as well as Youth co-mentors will receive additional training through our parent meetings to assist them in preparing for their classes. Other opportunities to serve include event coordinators, field trips, secretary, treasurer, and other roles in the Executive Board.

What does freedom-based mean?

It simply means we do not force the children to participate or to get a great education, but effectively encourage and inspire them to take ownership of their own education and work hard to obtain it, of their own free will and choice. The students’ interests and Phase of Learning are honored, as well as their freedom to choose in.

What is LEMI?

LEMI stands for Leadership Education Mentoring Institute. Their mission is to make Leadership Education available to many by training mentors and helping students through their Scholar Phase using Scholar Projects. They help adults and children to become true Scholars and Leaders for life.

The Scholar Projects are not as much about content (though this is phenomenal and outshines anything I ever experienced throughout my public education!) as they are about helping the students gain the Life Skills they need to be life-long learners and leaders. These skills include how to Read like a lawyer, Think like a Philosopher, Write like an author, Compute like a Mathematician and Speak like an Orator. The projects are unit studies that encompass writing, reading, thinking, speaking and computing. LEMI Mentors know that the key to freedom is education. They individualize each student’s experience and use the Scholarship Ladders of Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge to help them progress to their next step.

The Scholar Projects can count for several high school credits on a transcript, as the parent deems appropriate.

They have a unique approach to teaching writing, which uses the natural Writing Cycle that all children naturally progress through when surrounded by an environment of great classics and a family who reads and writes. Writing is inspired, not pushed on the students.

Click Here to start listening to a recording of “LEMI Philosophy Training” right away.

Go to www.lemimentortraining.com for more info.

How much will Tuition be for my family?

Families register each semester for a small fee to cover donations for building use and operating expenses. Families are asked to contribute  class fees as well as needed. Please email [email protected] for information on current fees. 


May I visit before I commit for the semester?

Certainly! Please email us at [email protected] to discuss your needs. We are happy to have families visit for up to 3 weeks before committing for the whole semester. If you plan to do this during the first two weeks of the Fall, we do ask that you make an effort to attend Orientation as well.

What is a Thomas Jefferson Education

A Thomas Jefferson Education fosters a love of learning and personal pursuit of knowledge, over a conveyor belt education and excessive testing. The focus is on teaching through classics of literature, the arts, math, and science as well as inspiring students to follow their own path through modeling and mentoring. You can read more about it at tjed.org

Does LCS require a statement of faith? Is LCS religious?

We do not require participants to sign a statement of faith, but we are a religious, traditional, multi-denominational community. Each of the families in our group is religious in some way. We are not all the same religion, but we do all believe in God. We all believe that God has missions for us to perform here in this life and that we should develop an allegiance to Him rather than to man or self. We do start our school day with a prayer. We are always open to communicate about religious subjects that may arise in class. We do not leave God out of education as some secular approaches may be found to do. For example, students may be told that George Washington was protected by God when none of the opposing armies efforts could take him down. We do not preach any one religion over another or require anyone to be a certain religion to join.

Out of respect for the beliefs of families already in the Commonwealth School, we do ask those who attend to dress modestly and avoid taking the Lord’s name in vain or using vulgar language and that is an extension of the families who make up the school and their culture, which does include their religion.

Part of Leadership Education principles include the 5 Pillars of Statesmanship, which are: Classics, Mentors, Simulations, Field Experience, and God. Rather than requiring a statement of faith, we unite behind a statement of purpose:

Our mission is to raise joyful leaders who love learning, passionately pursue their God-given missions in life, and impact the human family for good. We support the family as the fundamental unit of society and believe it to be ordained of God. We encourage parents and youth to strive for family unity. We govern ourselves according to the principles of Leadership Education. We are working toward getting an education like the ones our Founding Fathers received, one that matches our missions in life, and develops solid character and an allegiance to God. We will inspire students (both parents and children) to love learning, deeply study the classics, and govern themselves according to natural law. Students will learn how to think for themselves and initiate solutions based on the principles of freedom and self-control.

In addition, each adult and student will show respect to all other adults and students at all times, whether in or out of class in regards to the things they say and do, with special emphasis on respect to each other’s religious and political views and tolerance of differences, especially during class discussions. As granted in the Constitution of the United States of America, we reserve the right to share our religious and political beliefs openly and freely in all of our discussions. Each may call upon their personal scriptures or creeds in presenting their thoughts. Mentors will present their lectures in a way which encourages open discussion of all views, allowing all class members to feel included and all opinions honored.

What is a CommonwealTh School, or Liber Community?

Commonwealth Schools often look like homeschooling co-ops, but they are a more refined private once-a-week school for home educating families that are volunteer based and focused completely on supporting families and great education. They are not-for-profit organizations. A Liber Community is a community that exists to educate families and help support freedom. You can read more about them at libercommunities.com.