LCS Proclamation & Creed

We desire to create a positive, safe environment with a close knit “tribal” community of happy, trusted, compassionate, forgiving friends.

Our mission is to raise and become joyful leaders who love learning, passionately pursue our God-given missions in life, and impact the family for good. We govern ourselves according to the principles of the God-centered, family-driven, freedom-based philosophy called Leadership Education. We strive to inspire students (both parents and children) to deeply study the classics, govern themselves according to Natural Law, and initiate solutions based on the principles of freedom and self-control.

We come together to support one another in the pursuit of building united and moral families and developing citizens who are capable of governing themselves. We believe in the natural phases of learning, at the core of which are the building blocks of good character, including learning right from wrong, true from false, and good from evil. We want to inspire our children to become life-long learners through intentional parenting, inspired mentoring, and by example. ​

​We believe that each member of the family has a variety of personal missions that they are called to perform throughout their life, and it is our duty and privilege as parents to help prepare our families to be able to meet these calls when they come. At LCS, we believe that the purpose of education is to develop within ourselves and within our children the Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge that bring us closer to fulfilling our God-given missions. 

When focusing on meeting the educational needs of children, it is natural for parents and mentors to take responsibility for their own growth spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Our goal is to seek and apply truth as individuals and as families, and to contribute in unique ways to building a society rich in morality, beauty, virtue, and all that is praiseworthy.

We are gathering families who support this proclamation and agree with the Liber Community Creed, which states:

  1. Families are the basic/fundamental unit of society and ordained of God. (Bible)
  2. Governments are institutions of men and derive their power from the people governed. (Declaration of Independence)
  3. The results of our actions are determined by obedience (or disobedience) to natural law. (Bastiat)
  4. We have God-given freedom of choice (Galatians 5:1); no conscience should be forced. (U.S. Constitution)


To find out more about the Thomas Jefferson Education model, Commonwealth Schools, and LEMI Liber Communities, please visit our FAQ page.