Adult Classes

This year we have two opportunities to help mentor moms and dads in their Leadership Education. 

Family Foundations Class

Offered each Thursday at lunch.


The Family Foundations class and online membership helps homeschooling families find what’s most important and do it. 

Family Foundations helps you:

  • pare down the unnecessary and create systems for homeschooling success
  • learn to identify your child’s needs and meet them
  • learn the principles to educate the Leadership Way
  • learn and apply tools for enhancing your home schooling

Family Foundations is a two-pronged project to strengthen your homes and help the adults in our community to grow in their application of leadership education principles in their homes. 

The first prong is facilitated by mentors who come to training who will be prepared to lead other parents through powerful learning environments such as colloquia, simulations, and lectures.  Each month has a different area of focus such as Vision, Mission, Abilities, Skills and Knowledge which are augmented by the second prong, the online membership, which includes curriculum delivered to your email inbox each week so you can go deeper and have a Socratic experience. 

Family Foundations Class is our current class. It’s the best of LEMI Intellectual property, a comprehensive view of several of their Scholar projects, condensed into a class for Homeschooling parents to help mentor them through the process of bringing order and structure to their families through implementing the principles of Leadership Education in their own homes. Read more about it at!

View an example Family Foundations Schedule.

Family Foundations Book List:




Parent’s Night Out! Mission Driven Mom (MDM)

Offered the 4th Friday of the month in the evening. 

Description about class from the class mentor: 

Join me on a journey to become a creator in all aspects of your life! The MDM Academy is a class for moms who desire to live a principle-centered life. During Parent’s Night Out our discussions will focus on 3 areas we can use to improve ourselves and our relationships: self-care, self-management, and self-discovery. We will read and discuss a variety of books both classic novels and modern self-help books, pulling out truths, comparing them to scriptures, and applying that truth to our daily responsibilities. You will experience personal growth as you dedicate time and effort to understand and live the principles outlined in the Academy. I’m grateful for the shifts in perspective that I’ve already felt in my time working on my spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs with guidance from fellow women who are on this journey to discover and fulfill a personal, unique life mission.

MDM Book List:

September 27: The Mission Driven Mom by Audrey Rindlisbacher

October 25: The Power of TED by David Emerald Womeldorff

November 22: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

January 3: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

January 31: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

February 28: Leadership and Self Deception by Arbinger Institute

March 27: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

April 24: Are You Fully Charged? by Tom Rath

May 22: Eyre by Charlotte Brontë or Christy by Catherine Marshall

Family Foundations Testimonials


In Family Foundations class, I grew a lot as I participated and tried to fully engage in the experience. It challenged me to keep up with the reading. I learned so much about myself, my family, and the direction my family will go. This class brought so many epiphanies and insight into subjects I hadn’t really explored in depth. It has changed the way I parent and the way I teach my children in homeschool. I LOVE this class!

~ Natalie Bongioanni


I was a bit intimidated when I started the Family Foundations class last year. I was concerned that everyone would discover my faults as a mother and kick me out of commonwealth (haha). It took a little while for me to become comfortable sharing in class. Once I began to contribute I quickly changed my tune. It is hard to read and do assignments for myself on top of everything else I do as a homeschooling mom, but through the family foundations class I learned so much about myself. I learned that I can still be a scholar. I can still learn for the sake of learning–beyond scripture reading, homemaking skills and child psychology! The whole world is open to me again. I learned beautiful new ways to open up the world of learning for my children. I learned to love the amazing and like-minded women who make up this group. With the busy lives we lead Family Foundations can feel like quite a sacrifice, but I recommend the sacrifice with all my heart.

~Patti Haines


Family Foundations Class helped me to remember that I have a brain and have good ideas. There is a feeling of acceptance in class and I can speak out in a safe environment without being judged. I was reminded that I can learn about anything. I really enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone.

~Dana Grubbs


Family Foundations doesn’t just teach you how to mentor your children. It teaches you how to approach every aspect of life like a leader. The experiences from Family Foundations are transformational. They allow moms to set the example of getting a great education and being a life-long learner. This class and all the LEMI Projects are giving me the education I wish I’d had as a youth. The concepts therein are priceless and have changed my life and family for the better forever.

~Tiffany Campbell


I love being able to learn from everyone as we learn and grow together. I love being able to connect better with each participant to strengthen the bonds of our group. I enjoy learning new skills for improving my ability to be a mentor to my kids and act with more intention.

~Shannon Bohon