2019 – 2020

We desire to create a positive, safe environment with a close knit “tribal” community of happy, trusted, compassionate, forgiving friends.



Important Dates for Semester One:

Please email us directly for location of events.

  • Aug 5 Registration Fee & Form Due
  • Aug 16 PARK DAY! 10 AM – 12 PM Come learn more about our school.
  • Aug 22-23 Unleashing Your Voice Seminar with Kathy Mellor in Roanoke, VA
  • Aug 29 Parent Meeting / Tuition Due 6:30 PM- 9:30 PM
  • Aug 31 Scholar Kick-off  2 PM – 5 PM
  • Sept 5 – Nov 21 Classes Every Thursday 9:15 to 3:00 pm (12 weeks total)
  • Sept – April 4th Friday of the month –  MDM Academy for Parents & Scholar Hangout
  • Oct 17 Fall Break for Juniors – Scholar Only Class Day (siblings may play)
  • Oct 23 ACT OUT in Class! 
  • Nov 9 Shakespeare Fair 
  • Nov 21 Junior Class Parties (Last Junior Class Day – Dads come eat lunch with kids for fun)
  • Nov 28 Thanksgiving
  • Nov. 28th- THANKSGIVING!
  • December 5th- Pyramid Science Fair & Prism Awards, Quest 3 Oral Exams, Shakespeare Class Party/ Science Fair
  • Dec. 7th- Hero reward Trip to DC
  • Please email us directly for location of events.

Important Dates for Semester Two:

Please email us directly for location of events.

  • Dec. 20th – Registration Form DUE
  • Jan. 3rd-  MDM Book Club

  • Jan. 9th- Classes Begin 9:15

  • Jan. 30th – 2nd Semester Tuition Fees DUE
  • Jan. 31st. – MDM Book Club

  • Feb. 28th- MDM Book Club

  • March 5th- OPEN HOUSE and Auditions

  • March 12th- Spring Break

  • March 17th- Tuesday Rehearsals Begin

  • March 19th- Extended Class for the Play

  • March 27th- MDM Book Club

  • April 15th- Early Bird for LEMI Training

  • April 23rd- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! JR. Party Day/Scholar Awards/Family Lunch with Dads

  • April 24th- MDM Book Club

  • April 27th-30th- TECH WEEK for Shakespear Play

  • May 1st-2nd- Let the SHOW Begin! Shakespeare Performance

  • May 4th- CAST PARTY

  • May 16th- Kids Made Market Georgics

  • May 22nd- MDM Book Club

  • Please email us directly for location of events.

To find out more about the Thomas Jefferson Education model, Commonwealth Schools, and LEMI Liber Communities, please visit our FAQ page.